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About Church

Viktor and Olga Muzichuk are the head pastors of “Melchizedek” Church in Sacramento, CA, which was founded on October 28th, 2000.

On May 8th, 2002, Melchizedek Church accepted the vision: "Evangelism through discipleship and structure of G-12". This change became the source of growth in the church. The influence of the vision is increasing with-in the United States, as well as beyond the border.

Pastors' ministry and sermons convey revelations, victorious spirit and bring encouragement to everyone. Their dedication and sacrificial nature confirm their teachings. In addition, they bring hope to many individuals through communicating a father's love, as well as leaders and churches by influencing their spiritual growth in ministry.

elchizedek Church makes an emphasis on:

  • Consistency in personal relationship with God
  • Mutual understanding and unity among leaders and pastors of the church
  • Developing and utilizing gifts and talents in the Body of Jesus Christ (Church)
  • Priesthood family
  • Formation of character; pure heart and holiness in life
  • Enrichment in spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development
  • Goal oriented life
  • Commitment to calling (discipleship)
  • Vision and structure of G-12

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